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Buying a used car? These simple tricks could save you time and money

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There are several reasons to buy a used car rather than a new one. One major reason is that you won’t have to spend much on taxes, registration and car insurance. But in this article, you will discover five simple tricks that can save you time and money when buying a used car.

  1. Get it checked by a mechanic

Depending on the amount you pay, the mechanic can either check the basics or check for more serious issues. Obviously, the latter is more expensive than the former. For assurance, there is a warranty for such inspections. The warranty typically lasts for one month. However, when necessary, it is usually very difficult to claim the warranty. If you prefer an online inspection service, I suggest you use

  1. Take this buyer precaution

If this is your first time of buying a car privately, you definitely need some assistance – get one. One buyer precaution that has never failed me is my instincts. If a car seems too good to be true, then, there is a high chance that this is the case. While you can use the local newspapers to search for used cars, you can also find used cars on listing sites such as Ebay or (if you are in the US).

  1. Buy a one-year-old rather than a three-year-old car

New evidence from glass’ guide (the bible when it comes to motor trade) suggests that you can buy one-year old cars for approximately 60 percent of their market price. One major reason why I suggest you buy a one-year-old rather than a three-year-old car is that the one-year-old car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, but the three-year-old car is not.

  1. Don’t go and buy cars at auctions except…

You are very knowledgeable about cars. A good workaround is to hire a professional auction buyer who will build your behalf.  A reputable professional auction car buyer pays the trade commission, thus, the cost of buying is reduced compared to when you have to buy it yourself. See more.

  1. Make use of car “supersites”

If you have little or no knowledge avoid buying used cars and you don’t mind buying one that is 3 years or older, your best option is to make use of a car “supersite”. For those in the UK, an example of a car supersite is – it is located in west London on a 23-acre site.

There are thousands of cars at any car supersite, and you can keep strolling around until you find your choice. Since the prices for these cars are cheap and fixed, there are no salesmen there. You can open anyone you desire and check it for as long as you want. If the service history of the car is complete, you won’t be put off by the high mileages that come with the car.

Though those with high mileages are usually the best bargains.

A side benefit of buying from a car supersite is that, should the car fails almost as soon as you bought it, you are protected. If you buy from a car supersite, get a reputable mechanic to check for major faults once you get home. Learn more details at: